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"You’re wonderful" What your love for Keanu Reeves truly means

"No, you're wonderful! We’re all breathtaking!

If you’re an individual who doesn’t stay beneath a rock, you and I in all probability imagined the identical man after listening to that. Tall, long-haired and completely lovely for his age, we in all probability each offered Keanu Reeves in a black go well with, humbly displaying an enthusiastic viewers throughout his presentation at E3's final visitor, the place he offered a sport that individuals are shocked in.

What does all this imply anyway? Easy, the principle actor "John Wick", 54, is the final boyfriend on the Web and likelihood is you'll be one of many numerous girls and boys who love him. even, Mr. Neo. This isn’t a shock both, as a result of past his magnificence, Reeves is understood for his kindness and humble soul, usually donating to charity. He’s very variety and suits everybody he meets. As well as, the man likes bikes, who would say no to that?

However why all this collective crush?

It seems that we’re all biologically programmed to really feel this, even when we’re already with another person.

"Romantic love is a survival mechanism that developed tens of millions of years in the past. Helen Fisher, MD, an anthropologist, has spent her profession learning evolutionary attraction. It's basically a mixture of admiration, need, respect and sympathy.

The identical goes for beguiling celebrities, which in actuality is usually significantly better.

in security, they won’t reject you. You’ll be able to expertise pleasure, idealize them, admire them and benefit from the pleasure of not having to do a lot, "stated Bianca Acevedo, PhD, researcher on the College of California at Santa Barbara and director and founding father of the Basis for Wholesome Relationships. and Lives.

And generally we’ve no alternative, as a result of the a part of our mind that develops emotions of romantic love may be very near the area of the mind liable for each starvation and thirst. That’s the reason it is vitally troublesome to say no to the articles on the web promising "25 images of Keanu Reeves in his youth".

Clarification of the crush on the mom

In accordance with science, there’s a easy motive why Keanu Reeves is the last word crush in the mean time: his age and his emotional maturity.

Certainly, in response to science, our physiology is all the time prepared for journey and pleasure. Nevertheless, over time, security, safety, depth and stability turn out to be priorities. And what else than Keanu Reeves now, if not a mature man, financially secure and properly introduced up.

This, for varied causes, is breathtaking.

Keanu Reeves. Picture of Charlie Rocket by way of Flickr (CC BY-ND