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Faulty potassic channels associated solely to headache and to not physique ache

Faulty potassium channels concerned within the detection of ache could improve the danger of growing a headache and may be concerned in migraines, in response to a mouse examine printed in eNeuro.

It’s thought sort of potassium channel referred to as TRESK controls the excitability of peripheral sensory neurons that detect ache, warmth, chilly and contact. Though these channels are current in neurons, detecting each physique and facial pains, channel mutations are solely associated to complications and to not physique pains.

Yu-Qing Cao and colleagues at Washington College in St. Louis analyzed a knockout mouse with faulty TRESK channels and measured the ensuing neuronal exercise. The researchers discovered that solely facial ache receptors have been extra excitable and that sensory neurons had extra spontaneous exercise. Utilizing behavioral exams, scientists noticed that knockout mice confirmed elevated sensitivity to temperature and tactile stimuli on the face, in addition to extra headache-related behaviors, however no physique ache.

These outcomes point out that TRESK channels have cell-specific roles and are answerable for regulating ache in sensory neurons of the face, making it a goal for migraine therapy analysis.


Journal Reference:

Guo, Z. et al. (2019) The TRESK Ok + channel exercise regulates the nociception and trigeminal complications. in Euro.