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What occurs if you maintain your pee

Do you know that the grownup bladder can solely include a half-liter of pee earlier than you are feeling the necessity for it? To go to the lavatory?


We’ve got heard repeatedly that the important thing to well being was moderation, in addition to listening to what your physique was telling you. In relation to protecting in your pee, hearken to your physique as a result of it is aware of what's in it already.

The partitions of your bladder are crammed with these tiny receptors which are answerable for sending messages to your mind each time. he has reached his capability. Luckily, most of us management our bladder operate, so we will keep in mind it as soon as we obtain this message.

That is what occurs to your physique when you’ve an excessive amount of pee.


In an episode of SciShow, it was defined that we may all the time select to pee and relieve ourselves as quickly as we acquired this message, or that we may select to retain it. the cylindrical sphincters of your bladder shut very properly in order that your urine doesn’t stream into your urethra.

These small muscle tissues can successfully retain your urine, nevertheless it could possibly be very dangerous to your well being. circumstances equivalent to elevated danger of an infection.

Within the video, protecting the pee for years can weaken these bladder muscle tissues, which might open the door to urinary retention, a well being downside that forestalls you from fully emptying your bladder . This will result in bladder ache after extended retention within the urine.

There are not any medical phrases describing the act of retention in urine, however we will offer you the phrases they might purchase in the event that they continued to carry of their pee for longer intervals. On the one hand, you would enhance your possibilities of getting a urinary tract an infection (UTI) as a result of protecting it exposes your physique to dangerous micro organism.

Nonetheless, within the worst case, protecting the pee for too lengthy is lifeless.

Delaying urination can enhance the chance of an infection because of stagnation of urine within the bladder. Marten Bjork / Unsplash