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Science explains why chimpanzees throw their excrement

We have now a small exercise for you. Go to any video streaming website, YouTube, for instance, and kind within the key phrases "chimpanzee throws poo" into the search bar and hit Enter. In the event you do, then you’re most likely laughing and maybe unusually shocked by the handfuls of movies of individuals enjoying dodgeball whereas chimpanzees frequently run their approach.

What a good way to spend the day on the zoo, proper? However have you ever ever questioned why chimpanzees had this habits? Is it to bother you? Or does it imply that the chimpanzee actually "loves" you?

The monkey sees, the monkey does

In line with Karen Strier, professor of anthropology on the College of Wisconsin-Madison, throwing Fecal matter is just not as regular as in primates, particularly within the wild.

Nevertheless, social hierarchy could also be one of many causes behind the various movies of chimpanzees throwing smelly projectiles at folks. In line with Strier's analysis, chimpanzees have hierarchical social teams and are recognized for throwing stones or tree branches in the event that they wish to present their dominance or if they’re simply bored and pissed off.

This contrasts immediately with the muriqui of the North, who’re maybe one of the crucial peaceable primates on this planet. In line with Strier, their lack of social hierarchy could be the explanation why aggression is just not obligatory and that’s the reason they represent a very peaceable species.


In line with numerous research, chimpanzees who throw stones and sticks are a part of their repertoire to speak with others, what they want of their society. For instance, a superb communicator implies that a chimpanzee can nonetheless "reconcile" with an alpha after a struggle, and that the chimpanzee won’t be disregarded of the group. Researchers even suppose that reconciliation after a struggle creates a sort of bond between them that may grow to be stronger.

Nevertheless, in a zoo, chimpanzees should not have the same old sticks or stones, and subsequently resort to communication by way of the closest factor that they will choose up and throw away. Sadly for zoo lovers, it means poop.

This doesn’t imply that they hate you and that they will solely be made to draw your consideration. So, preserve this in thoughts the following time you go to a zoo and begin avoiding projectiles. It's a praise, kind of.

A chimpanzee is photographed with the assistance of a stick as a meals device. Comparable behaviors of utilizing instruments have been displayed by younger youngsters. Photograph courtesy of Flickr, Tambako The Jaguar