Collagen protein is a waste of cash, says science


Collagen is the primary aspect of connective tissue in your physique. It’s due to this fact the primary constituent of many physique elements, together with your pores and skin, your enamel, your cartilage, your bones and your tendons.
The primary purpose folks take collagen protein is to replenish collagen shops of their physique and thus enhance the well being of their joints, pores and skin and hair, in addition to progress and muscular restoration.
Sadly, collagen protein is nothing greater than a mediocre high quality meals that most likely affords no specific profit.

Lately, collagen protein has turn into a glittering supply of earnings.

Based on some, that is the brand new fish oil with its lengthy checklist of advantages for nearly each necessary side of your well being and physiology.

The most well-liked claims embrace. . .

And if none of that is going to tickle your processors, then possibly you need to increase immunity, make your hair look higher, and enhance your digestion?

Then again, detractors of the collagen protein say that the advantages are poorly offered, overestimated or false. You already know, like most dietary supplements.

Who is true? Effectively, the quick reply is:

Collagen protein is essentially a junk, each actually and figuratively.

Though some types of collagen could assist your joints, most of them are nothing however a mediocre however very value efficient meals for dietary supplements permitting for separate folks from more cash.

And on this article you’ll be taught why.

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What’s collagen protein?

Collagen is a protein that constitutes the primary constituent of the connective tissues of your physique, making it the primary element of many physique elements, together with your pores and skin. enamel, cartilage, bones and tendons.

Collagen current in collagen protein dietary supplements comes from the connective tissues of assorted animals, together with cows, chickens, and fish. are accomplished 37 several types of collagen in animals, and they are often categorized into differing types (kind I, kind II, kind III, and many others.) in accordance with their composition particular amino acids and the place they’re discovered within the physique of the animal.

For instance. . .

Sort I collagen is essentially the most plentiful kind of collagen within the human physique. It’s current in scar tissue, tendons, ligaments, pores and skin, bones and extra.
Sort II collagen protects joints from harm and helps protect their operate.
Sort III collagen helps numerous organs such because the liver and bone marrow, in addition to tissues of the lymphatic system.

Most protein collagen dietary supplements come within the type of a tasteless powder resembling the next:

And most are made up of a mix of several types of collagen extracts of beef pores and skin, rooster bone and fish, or byproducts of meals processing, similar to eggshells or intestines.

What are the advantages of collagen protein?

Based on numerous "gurus" and "specialists," collagen protein helps forestall or heal every kind of minor to severe well being issues, together with:

Joint Ache
Wrinkles and sagging pores and skin
Hair and brittle nails
Infections of every kind
Intestinal leak syndrome
And extra.

Some folks additionally devour collagen proteins as a result of they consider that it’s going to assist them develop their muscle mass and recuperate extra shortly from their coaching.

As an alternative of exhaustively analyzing all claims about collagen protein, let's study what the proof reveals concerning the three most typical promoting factors.

Collagen Proteins and Well being and Perform of the Joints

Relying on the collagen hypesters, simply a few collagen proteins in your day by day smoothie, your espresso or your protein shake, and also you'll be nicely in your technique to having fun with it in a more healthy manner , calmer and fewer painful. joints.

The most well-liked rationalization for this nearly miraculous feat is:

As you become older, your joints (and different connective tissues) step by step lose collagen at a price of about 1 to 2% per 12 months after the age of 30.

This collagen must be changed if you wish to keep alert, and the best and simplest manner to do that is to devour collagen protein. Thus, your deserted, broken and collagen-depleted joints might be revitalized by absorbing the brand new immaculate collagen molecules you swallow day by day.

A research was usually offered in assist of this research by scientists at Penn State College, who divided 147 college athletes affected by joint ache in two teams: ]

Group 1 day by day consumed 10 mg of collagen protein dissolved in 25 ml of water.
Group 2 consumes roughly the identical quantity of xanthan gum (a form of fiber) every day, dissolved in the identical quantity of water.

Each teams adopted this protocol for six months. Earlier than and after the remedy interval, scientists estimated athletes' joint well being by recording just a few knowledge factors:

What number of athletes took painkillers or anti-inflammatories (an indicator of the depth of joint ache they felt)
What number of confirmed indicators of joint harm and the way a lot
What joints damage and the way unhealthy

On the finish of the research, there was no distinction between the teams when it comes to joint harm, use of anti-inflammatory medicine or medicine. 39, painkillers, however topics had been requested to price their stage of joint ache throughout totally different actions. the group taking collagen protein reported much less ache than the group taking the placebo.

There’s virtually nothing to jot down about in the home, and particularly when you think about the next:

The outcomes weren’t spectacular. The group that consumed collagen protein felt barely barely much less joint ache than the group consuming the placebo. As well as, in most exams accomplished by the researchers, no group has carried out higher than the opposite.
The research was funded by Gelita Well being, which additionally manufactures and provides the collagen protein used within the research. Though this doesn’t routinely invalidate the outcomes, it’s an apparent pink flag. Unsurprisingly, nearly all the most optimistic research on collagen proteins – of which there usually are not many – have been funded by firms that produce and promote them.
No research group took a extra highly effective and well-documented drug or complement towards joint ache, similar to ibuprofen or curcumin, to determine the true extent of the advantages of collagen. And given its comparatively anemic efficiency right here, it’s doubtless that collagen proteins would have been left within the mud by one thing that has already confirmed itself.

So, consider it or not, that is the strongest scientific proof that’s at the moment obtainable to say that collagen protein will help relieve joint ache. There are a handful of research others on the topic, however they current related methodological deficiencies and extra merely cannot be taken significantly.

Are you aware, nevertheless, that there’s far more proof? This collagen protein mainly does nothing to your joints.

To grasp why you could first perceive how the physique digests collagen protein.

As you discovered a second in the past, collagen is a protein and once you eat it, it’s digested and absorbed like another protein.

That’s, it’s damaged down into particular person amino acids, a few of that are used to create collagen within the physique, some are burned to provide power and others, amongst others, as hormones. , tissues, cells and so forth.

In different phrases, most types of collagen proteins are handled in the identical manner as pea, beef, rooster or whey proteins. At a time when the amino acids that they comprise enter your bloodstream, it’s unattainable to differentiate them. amino acids from another meals.

(There’s one notable exception to which we are going to arrive in a minute.)

That alone explains why the consumption of collagen protein doesn’t essentially improve the quantity of collagen in your joints. Most kinds of collagen proteins present the physique with amino acids which will or will not be transformed into collagen in your joints, relying on many physiological components.

Thus, most collagen proteins usually are not extra conducive to joint well being and performance than another kind of protein.

As well as, despite the fact that all types of collagen might undergo your digestive system intact, there is no such thing as a assure that it will enhance joint well being, as there is no such thing as a proof that collagen molecules could be used to revive the integrity of the digestive system. cartilage, tendons, and ligaments or for different functions, similar to glucose creation or cell building.

No research have been carried out on this topic, however primarily based on our data of human physiology, it’s unlikely that infusing collagen molecules into our blood would assist our joints.

The quantity of collagen in your physique at any given time is essentially dictated by your age, your exercise stage and your genes, and it’s fairly potential that you simply assume that you simply promote collagen molecules in our blood would have an effect on it considerably.

One other declare usually made by collagen scammers is to ingest a particular combination of collagens. You possibly can heal painful joints by "activating collagen receptors in your physique".

Or not.

Whereas it’s true that many cells possess collagen receptors, they reply to collagen produced naturally within the physique – to not animal collagen than you will have eaten, however that’s largely damaged down into amino acids anyway. Consuming a number of kinds of collagen doesn’t change something both, as most are damaged down in the identical manner.

"However wait," I hear a idiot someplace, "that's why you want my perpetually pending patent hydrolyzed collagen protein! "

Once more false.

Proteins comprise lengthy chains of nested amino acids, and hydrolysis is a course of that breaks down these chains into shorter chains. In different phrases, hydrolysis "pre-digests" the protein for you, permitting your physique to digest it and soak up it sooner.

This doesn’t change the truth that hydrolysed proteins of every kind are reworked into amino acids earlier than being launched into the bloodstream.

In actual fact, you might argue that because the hydrolysed protein is already partially digested and requires much less conversion work into amino acids, it’s even much less prone to survive intact digestion than non-collagen protein. hydrolysed.

All of this most likely explains why a report written by researchers from the European Meals Security Authority concluded that "no causal connection Impact has been established between the consumption of collagen hydrolyzate and upkeep of the joints. "

Right here's one more reason to chortle with hydrolysed collagen protein powders: Gelatin, one of many most cost-effective and most generally obtainable meals components, is simply hydrolysed collagen. One other title for gelatin is collagen hydrolyzate which is solely one other manner of claiming hydrolysed protein.

The collagen protein is due to this fact globally a method of enhancing the well being of the joints. There’s, nevertheless, a type of collagen that helps the joints, it’s referred to as kind II undenatured collagen additionally referred to as UC-ll, which we use in our joint complement , Fortify.

Analysis exhibits that one of these collagen partially survives digestion and that it is ready to exert optimistic results on joint tissues.

Nevertheless, this isn’t what you anticipated. As an alternative of rebuilding broken joints and restoring misplaced collagen, undenatured kind II collagen minimizes a pure however undesirable immune response within the physique that step by step gnaws the cartilage of your joints over time (a course of generally known as arthritis .]).

Research present that undenatured kind II collagen accomplishes this by "instructing" to the immune system to cease Assault proteins in articular cartilage, which in flip can considerably enhance the well being and functioning of the joints and cut back or get rid of ache and swelling.

In different phrases, undenatured kind II collagen permits your physique to acknowledge its personal articular collagen as a secure substance that shouldn’t be destroyed. And the perfect factor about kind II collagen dietary supplements is that these results had been demonstrated in folks with wholesome joints, as well as these with joint issues.

That is necessary as a result of it makes undenatured kind II collagen one of many solely dietary supplements recognized to assist protect joint well being and performance (versus treating already broken joints and dysfunctional).

That stated, there are nonetheless only a few research on undenatured kind II collagen and it’s nonetheless unclear how helpful it’s for several types of joint situations and accidents.

It additionally has a serious drawback: this can be very costly. For this reason most collagen dietary supplements, together with collagen proteins, don’t comprise undenatured kind II collagen or are so small that it’d as nicely comprise none. .

Good normal rule: If the components of a complement don’t particularly point out the undenatured kind ll collagen, the product doesn’t comprise any. t doesn’t comprise any and if it gives one, however doesn’t present an quantity, suppose it’s a negligible dose.

If you wish to know extra about undenatured kind ll collagen, see this text:

The Definitive Information to Collagen Dietary supplements

Summary: Protein collagen dietary supplements is not going to enhance joint well being or cut back joint ache, and the one kind of collagen that may assist your joints – undenatured kind II collagen – doesn’t have an effect on your joints. just isn’t normally included in very costly collagen protein dietary supplements.

Collagen protein and well being of the pores and skin, hair and nails

Collagen protein is commonly bought as a magnificence product. Right here is the everyday case:

We lose 1 to 2% of our physique's collagen per 12 months, making pores and skin, hair and nails ugly, dry and brittle, and collagen proteins improve our physique's collagen ranges and thus reverse these results. and makes us extra stunning.

The primary downside is what we talked about earlier: nearly all of the collagen you could devour is damaged down into amino acids even earlier than it might probably work together together with your hair, your pores and skin, or your nails.

Thus, there is no such thing as a purpose to consider that collagen protein would beautify you greater than another kind of protein, and no research has proven that this was the case.

This doesn’t imply that entrepreneurs would not have research to do. Individuals who promote collagen proteins usually discuss with some research that appear to work, however once you look underneath the hood, you shortly understand that it's extra bafflement.

For instance, two generally cited research had been carried out by scientists from Minerva Analysis Labs and one other carried out by scientists from ] . . If you happen to simply learn the summaries of those articles, you’ll most likely conclude that consuming collagen protein for eight to 12 weeks can cut back the looks of dry pores and skin, flaking, superb traces and wrinkles and improve the collagen content material. and in moisture of your pores and skin.

As anticipated, this analysis, nevertheless, poses main issues. To know. . .

1. Not one of the research had been blinded.

In each instances, researchers and topics knew precisely who was consuming what, which ensures that the outcomes had been influenced in much less. a bit of by the placebo impact. That is significantly doubtless on this research, because the outcomes had been primarily based on primarily subjective opinions concerning the look of contributors' pores and skin.

2. Each research had been funded by the businesses that manufacture the collagen protein used (Minerva Analysis Labs Ltd. and BioCell Expertise, LLC.).

As well as, in each instances, the scientists conducting the analysis had been questioned, which raises severe questions concerning the celebration. taken from the researcher. ]

For instance, within the research carried out by Minerva Analysis Labs, their head of analysis and improvement, Thane Aung, was concerned within the course of. He was allowed to assist however was not among the many authors. As an alternative, his title was hidden on the backside of the paper within the thanks part, nearly as if they didn’t need anybody to note that he was there. . .


Perhaps it's as a result of Thane can also be concerned in Minerva's public relations and advertising and marketing, as evidenced by this piece of puff that he says, "Our pores and skin turns into thinner and drier. restoring it’s the solely technique to get wholesome, youthful pores and skin. We will get collagen, a fish protein that helps hair, pores and skin and even our temper. »

No, no, it will be a unclean conspiracy idea, and everybody is aware of that conspiracy not often takes place and that just about everybody acts nearly all the time in essentially the most trustworthy and trustworthy manner potential, regardless of the exercise or the problems. [1945

three. In each research, researchers used doubtful methods and instruments to measure the looks, collagen content material, and moisture content material of topics' pores and skin.

For instance, enhancements within the look of the pores and skin had been primarily based on subjective assessments of researchers ("his pores and skin is best, just isn’t it?"), And the Collagen and moisture content material was measured with the assistance of a usually used machine measuring melanin content material. The machine just isn’t permitted to judge collagen and moisture, and no analysis has proven that it’s a dependable technique to do any of this stuff.

Individually, every of those factors could be grounds for skepticism and, taken collectively, it’s tough to take one or the opposite of those research significantly.

Summary: There is no such thing as a legitimate proof that collagen proteins enhance the well being of pores and skin, hair or nails, and no purpose to consider that that is the case.

Improvement of collagen protein and muscle

The perfect kinds of protein meant for muscle constructing are these which comprise an abundance of important amino acids, particularly leucine, that are digested and nicely absorbed.

Important amino acids are amino acids that may not be produced by the physique. They need to due to this fact be obtained from the meals you eat.

Most important amino acids, similar to lysine, methionine and histidine, are important constructing blocks of muscle proteins. Leucine is exclusive in that it immediately stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins – the formation of latest muscle proteins.

In different phrases, leucine is especially efficient at beginning muscle constructing machines in your physique, so to talk, and that’s the reason meals with excessive leucine content material, similar to beef, poultry, fish and dairy merchandise are thought-about the perfect for building. muscular.

When evaluating the advantages of a protein for muscle constructing, the very first thing to take a look at is its amino acid profile. Whether it is wealthy in important amino acids and particularly leucine, it is going to most likely be good for muscle constructing.

The following factor to contemplate is the standard of digestion and the absorption of the protein. Though that is tougher to measure, animal protein tends to be simpler to digest and soak up whereas plant protein tends to be much less artificial

Nevertheless, collagen proteins are a uncommon exception to this rule. Though it’s straightforward to digest and soak up, its amino acid profile is sorely missing in important amino acids needed for muscle acquire.

The three primary amino acids of the collagen protein are glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, none of them are important amino acids or are needed or helpful for the muscular building.

As well as, the collagen is roughly 2.7% by weight of leucine, whereas the protein of beef is round eight% leucine by The whey protein corresponds to about 10% leucine by weight.

Collagen profiteers would possibly argue that muscle comprises collagen, nevertheless, that's why collagen proteins will help maximize muscle progress.

To assist their case, they might additionally discuss with a research carried out by scientists from the College of Friborg and having gone world wide. Display on the Web.

Researchers divided 60 males aged 65 years or older who had important muscle loss over the past three to 4 years into two teams:

Group 1 consumed 15 grams of collagen protein per day.
The second group consumed 15 grams of silicon dioxide, a secure meals additive that appears like collagen protein however passes by means of the digestive system with out being broken.

All contributors underwent a complete resistance coaching program protecting three classes of 1 hour per week for 12 weeks. They had been instructed to drink collagen protein (or placebo) lower than an hour after their coaching classes on coaching days and across the identical time as they might usually full their coaching. exercise classes on relaxation days.

On the finish of the research, scientists found that the group that consumed collagen protein every day gained about 25% extra muscle and misplaced about 30% extra fats.

It's a neat title and an attractive gross sales pitch, however there's no purpose to be too enthusiastic about these outcomes. Right here's why:

1. Each teams most likely consumed little or no protein initially.

We have no idea how a lot protein the contributors ate earlier than the research (downside), however we all know the # One of many primary causes Muscle loss within the aged is because of low protein and calorie consumption.

And though consuming an additional 15 grams of protein a day won’t appear sufficient to make a distinction, it might have been sufficient to tip the stability in favor of the group consuming collagen proteins. For instance, if the common protein consumption of the collagen group is simply 60 grams per day, a rise of 25% corresponds to a rise of 75% per day.

2. Each teams had been severely under-muscled and due to this fact able to take muscle.

Cela ne ferait qu'amplifier les avantages de l'augmentation du groupe de collagène dans apport en protéines.

three. C’est l’une des seules études disponibles démontrant de tels avantages, et il est tout à fait potential que de futures études ne produisent pas les mêmes résultats.

N'oublions pas ceci non plus: la protéine de collagène n’infuse pas vos muscle mass de collagène. Au lieu de cela, il infuse dans votre sang des acides aminés qui peuvent ou ne peuvent pas être utilisés pour créer du collagène ou du tissu musculaire, acides aminés pouvant également être obtenus de toute autre supply de protéines.

Résumé: Les protéines de collagène ne sont pas une bonne supply de protéines pour la building musculaire, automobile elles sont faibles en acides aminés essentiels – et en leucine en particulier – par rapport à d'autres aliments beaucoup plus savoureux et plus abordables comme le bœuf, le poisson et le poulet. et protéines de lactosérum.

La protéine de collagène est une ordure chaude


C'est un faiseur de fonds chauffé au rouge qui est produit en faisant bouillir, filtrer et sécher le tissu conjonctif, les os, les pieds et d'autres events d'animaux riches en collagène qui ont été jetés après avoir été dépecés ou transformés. sinon être transformés en aliments pour animaux, en aliments pour animaux domestiques ou en engrais.

Et devinez ce que cela signifie? Marges, bébé!

La protéine de collagène est à la fois peu chère à fabriquer et très demandée par les consommateurs (qui ont été induits en erreur de vouloir la consommer) et donc extrêmement rentable, et c'est pourquoi tant de «gourous» et «specialists» ont sauté sur la le wagon de protéine de collagène et ont l'intention de la conduire jusqu'à ce que les roues tombent.

C'est-à-dire que les gens ont dépensé environ 100 tens of millions de en compléments protéiques de collagène et en aliments en 2017, et les specialists s'attendent à ce que ce nombre dépasse 250 tens of millions de d'ici 2021.

Si cela vous semble un peu cynique, soyez les bienvenus dans l'industrie des suppléments, qui regorge de tricheurs, de charlatans et de fous qui pratiquent toutes sortes de simulacres et d'escroqueries pour gratter leurs paumes qui leur démangent à tout jamais.

C’est pourquoi je suis le kind qui vend des suppléments, mais qui raconte aussi régulièrement des choses aux gens. . .

Vous n'avez pas besoin de suppléments . Vous pouvez atteindre tous vos objectifs de santé et de remise en forme en suivant un régime et en faisant de l'exercice.
Aucune quantité de pilules ou de poudres ne changera votre vie. Les suppléments sont complémentaires par définition et ne peuvent jamais remplacer le besoin de bien manger et de faire de l'exercice.
La plupart des suppléments les plus populaires sur le marché ne font absolument rien et ne valent pas les bouteilles dans lesquelles ils sont vendus.

Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur ce qui ne va pas dans l’industrie des suppléments et sur ce que je fais différemment, cliquez ici .

Résumé: La protéine de collagène est une arnaque. C’est un supplément de protéines de qualité médiocre qui ne fonctionne pas comme annoncé, et la raison principale pour laquelle il est si populaire est sa manufacturing peu coûteuse et facile à commercialiser.

Conclusion sur les protéines de collagène

Le collagène est une protéine qui constitue le composant principal des tissus conjonctifs de votre corps, ce qui signifie qu'il constitue le principal élément constitutif de nombreux composants corporels, notamment votre peau, vos dents, votre cartilage, vos os et vos tendons.

La plupart des gens prennent du collagène dans l'espoir qu'il:

Améliorer leur santé articulaire et réduire les douleurs articulaires
Améliorer l'apparence et la santé de leur peau, de leurs cheveux et de leurs ongles
Augmentez leur croissance musculaire et leur récupération

La plupart des arguments pour la protéine de collagène tournent autour de l'affirmation selon laquelle le corps perd du collagène à un taux d'environ 1 à 2% par an après l'âge de 30 ans environ, ce qui entraîne une myriade de problèmes dans le corps, notamment la dégénérescence et la douleur des articulations, peau, cheveux et ongles secs, malsains et peu attrayants, croissance et récupération musculaires altérées.

Cependant, en consommant des protéines de collagène, vous pouvez soi-disant reconstituer les réserves de collagène de votre corps et atténuer, voire inverser, bon nombre de ces situations.

Ceci est horseshit.

Alors qu’un kind spécial de collagène que l’on trouve rarement dans les compléments protéiques au collagène (peptides de collagène de kind ll non dénaturés) peut améliorer la santé et la fonction des articulations, la protéine collagène ne le peut pas.

Il n’existe aucune preuve solide que les protéines de collagène puissent améliorer la santé de la peau, des cheveux ou des ongles et aucune raison de penser que ce serait le cas.

Et ironiquement, la protéine de collagène est l’une des plus mauvaises protéines pour la building musculaire, automobile elle est pauvre en acides aminés essentiels – et en leucine en particulier – par rapport à d’autres aliments et suppléments beaucoup plus savoureux et plus abordables comme le bœuf, le poulet, et protéines de lactosérum.

La raison pour laquelle tant de gens parlent de protéine de collagène ces jours-ci n'a rien à voir avec ses mérites supposés et tout à voir avec ses avantages financiers. C’est peu coûteux à produire et à emballer, facile à vendre, ce qui le rend irrésistible pour les fabricants de sacs à dos qui volent la monnaie sous les yeux d’un homme décédé.

En d'autres termes, la protéine de collagène est une arnaque totale. Ne l'achetez pas et ne suivez pas les conseils de quiconque vous dit de le faire.

The one kind of collagen price swallowing is undenatured kind ll collagen, which, by the best way, is what you’ll discover in my joint well being complement, Fortify (together with three different components confirmed to enhance joint well being: curcumin, grape seed extract, and Boswellia serrata extract).

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